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Heather Marie is a master colorist, professional hairstylist, and the proud owner of Heather Marie Hair Studio. She has over 12 years of experience in the industry both as a licensed cosmetologist and as a masterclass instructor at Paris Beauty College.


As a passionate artist and gifted hairdresser, Heather teaches every person who sits in her chair a lasting and functional aftercare routine that will keep their hair looking and feeling as amazing as it does when they leave her salon. She aims to educate her clients on the quality of hair care products, styling tips, and how to extend color longevity. 


For Heather, quality from start to finish is so important. This is why she invests her time and money into researching and using the most high-end, professional products available; like Alfaparf Milano (the number Italian haircare brand worldwide) and Pravana. 


There is so much Heather enjoys about what she does, but her favorite part is seeing her clients’ reactions. She says, “...watching a woman leave my chair and stop at every mirror she passes… that’s what made me want to do this in the first place.” A new client is only new for their first visit. Afterward, they become life-long friends!

A stylish young woman in a sleek black dress accessorized with a black necklace and bracelet. Her hair is vibrant red and blue, adding a striking contrast to her outfit

Hair Stylist

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